May 24th 2024, 9:58:50 am
चहक फाउंडेशन
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कंपनी अधिनियम, 2013 (भारत सरकार) की धारा 8 के तहत पंजीकृत

Waste Management

Mother Nature is a gift, humanity has received. We get oxygen, a clean atmosphere, greeneries, water in return for nothing. These are the only things we get for which we neither have to work for nor have to spend a single penny. But it has become our nature that we do not value things given to us for free, even if it is the most crucial need for our existence. We tend to take the air we breathe, the water we use and the overall nature for granted.

We have evolved as human beings, starting from stones to metals and have invented many new things to progress the human race. In this process, we have invented and are using many such objects which caused more harm to our environment that we would anticipate.

Materials like plastic, has taken over our lives. The worst part is that plastic can never be gotten rid off. Plastic has caused more harm to the environment, our human lives and the ecosystem so much that we are in the brink of pushing our future generations in grave danger.

But we, Chahak Foundation, say that there is still time to stop this havoc from happening and there is still time to avenge the destruction we have caused to ourselves. It is time to pledge action. It is time to take the necessary steps to try to reverse the damage we have done. And the first way to do this is to start recycling every bit of plastic and stop any further production of new plastic. Let us take a step forward and let us stop plastic, start re-cycling and save our planet.