July 19th 2024, 12:10:48 pm
चहक फाउंडेशन
छोटे कर्म बड़े उद्देश्य
कंपनी अधिनियम, 2013 (भारत सरकार) की धारा 8 के तहत पंजीकृत


Additional Director

Social Media





B.A Hons. English (LSR, DU)

M.A English (Kurukshetra University) and Ongoing PhD English (Central University of Jammu)


I have firm conviction in humanity . This is the attribute which segregates us from other creatures. We all are tenants and we need to preserve the resources for coming human race. I assent in promoting sustainable way of life. I think as youth it's our responsibility to question our anthropocentric attitude towards nature and mend them . Education should be utilised in proper way and we all should be ecologically conscious.